Helpful Tips

Online Tools

With your CONEXIS online account, you have instant access to your FSA. Simply log in anytime day or night to find useful tools and resources that help you make the most of your account funds.

Keep Up With Card Activity

Log in to your online account and enroll in Real-time Alerts by selecting the Subscribe to Real-time Alerts quick link, and you will receive real-time messages about your CONEXIS Visa® Benefit Card activity, such as transaction approvals and denials as well as unresolved transactions that require your attention. With this feature, you’ll stay in tune with your Health FSA.

Quickly Submit a Claim

The Submit A Claim quick link is the gateway for our Upload Documentation feature that allows you to verify a benefit card transaction requiring additional documentation. Simply use our interactive Benefit Card Return Form and then upload your itemized receipt, EOB, or other supporting documentation. This is the quickest way to verify your card transactions that require your attention.

Instant Online Payments

If you lose a receipt for one of your card transactions or purchase an ineligible expense, you may need to pay back the FSA plan. It’s easy to do when you click the Make Online Payment quick link. Paying online offers many advantages over sending a check by mail, including instant updates to your account status and balance. Plus, the online payment feature can be used to clear up all unresolved transactions, and if your card is suspended, it will be reactivated as the online payment is processed.

It's Easy to Offset

Unresolved card transactions can also be cleared by a process known as "offsetting." To offset, you just submit documentation for another eligible expense – one that you’ve paid for out of your pocket – to cover the cost of the unresolved transaction. On your Return Form, select the Offset checkbox and follow the instructions on the form.

Paying Out-of-pocket

What if you don’t use your benefit card to pay for an expense? Just submit your eligible out-of-pocket expenses by completing a Request for Reimbursement Form. You can find the form via the Access a Form quick link.

  • Use the online form or download a PDF.
  • Print and sign the form.
  • Once completed, upload your form and supporting documentation.

Submitting your claims online is easy to do and takes just a few minutes.